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Quiet Garden Afternoons starting on selected Tuesdays during the summer

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Lovely Friends Barbecue on 23rd June at the church.

Our Ministries


Mission is the living out of our faith in the world, bringing the love of god to humanity through prayer and action. We place great emphasis on three means of doing this: Hospitality, Generosity, Inclusion.


Our church door is nearly always open during the day and we welcome all comers to our two main occasions each week.


Eucharist comes from the Greek and means offer graciously. Holy Communion is available to all.


We are lucky enough to have an ancient and absolutely beautiful church which we wish as many as possible to enjoy, whether christian or not. We have strong links with ‘Living Springs’, the LGBT church in Bath, and are looking for ways to share our ministry.

Quiet Garden Afternoons


Be still and know that I am God. Be still and know that I am. Be still and know.
Be still…


The Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Charlcombe is the oldest church in Bath still with regular worship.  It has welcomed people for a thousand years.  The building and garden are places of great peace, offering space and refreshment.


Generally on the third Tuesday afternoon of each of the summer months there is a led Quiet Afternoon.  Each leader will bring thoughts and reflections within which to contemplate and pray in the beauty of the garden.


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30th May 2018 Dear Colleagues Zambia 40 Bath and Wells Celebrations – everyone welcome! Our visit to Zambia from 19th April to 3rd May this year was everything we prayed it would be and more; hugely uplifting and joyous, yet also humbling as hearts and homes were...

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Eucharist according to Book of Common Prayer

A number of people at our church have asked that we have the occasional Eucharist according to the Book of Common Prayer. Mrs Carolyn Frewer has suggested that we celebrate St Alphege, whose day falls this Thursday, and St Teresa of Calcutta, in September. St Alphege...

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Easter Messages

Easter Sunday What a wonderful celebration we had last night and this morning. Again, thanks to all who made the church look so beautiful, and welcoming. We reflected this morning on the last words of Mark's gospel, describing the women running from the empty tomb in...

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About Us

We are a small country church community in a vibrant city – and yet only 10 minute drive from the centre.

The church is generally open every day from 10-4 and is lovely place to sit quietly – perhaps as part of a country walk.  You are welcome to morning prayers on a Tuesday at 9am, which is quite a solemn and intimate occasion, or come and sample our communion on Sunday mornings when the church is pretty full – we would be delighted to welcome you.

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