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The joy of seeing a child baptised within a Christening service is very special indeed. Here we are reminded of what it means to be a child of God, to begin a journey towards becoming the fullest human being possible, touched with the divine. As a person is baptised we hear an echo of the words that Jesus heard at his own baptism.

Baptisms are a wonderful community celebration, in part because everyone is encouraged to be baptised in their local church - it reflects the nature of spiritual growth, that those baptised are supported on their spiritual journey by the community they are baptised amongst.  

The event tends to be included within our Sunday Eucharist but does not have to be.  We have a small pool fed by a spring which can be used for the ceremony or, if you prefer, we can use water drawn from the pool in the font in the church.  The font is Norman and carved from one piece of stone.

Please contact us (see below) or come along on any Sunday to begin the process or ask any questions.

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