Our sincerest condolences if you are looking at this page close to or soon after the death of your loved one.

Our small country church has a graveyard and a garden of remembrance.  To use the former, the life of the deceased person must meet certain residential or religious criteria.  If they do, then there is the opportunity for them to be buried here in a grave as part of the funeral or for the cremated ashes to be interred in a dedicated site.

There are others who have no direct connection with the church but for whom their relatives would wish to inter their ashes in this beautiful and quiet place.  This is also possible in an unmarked spot in the Garden of Remembrance, within the graveyard.  We can also arrange for an inscription to be calligraphed in the Book of Remembrance which is always on display, inside, at the back of the church.

The graveyard has a seat at its highest point looking down over the church grounds and the Quiet Garden, opposite, and across the valley of Charlcombe towards Bath.  Many find it a very fitting place to return to on many occasions and simply come to rest and contemplate.

If you would like to contact us regarding a funeral please contract Gabriela Longhurst in our church office on 01225 420946 (more contact details here)