St Mary’s is linked with Abbot Alphege Academy, one of the primary schools in our Benefice – Revd Andrew Avramenko, our Curate, is one of the school’s Foundation Governors.

During the pandemic the school have been caring for the children’s learning and well-being, and we wanted to share a message from their Head Teacher, Vicky Dupras, with you.

Our children’s wellbeing is the most important thing to us, and feeling part of a connected community really supports wellbeing, especially at a time where it is so easy to feel isolated. We wanted to do something to help connect us even more as we have been apart for so long. The idea of the bear is to remind the children that they are amazing and exceptional, and we are incredibly proud of all of them. Our community has been outstanding throughout this lockdown. Every parent and carer has done their utmost for their children. Every child has done their absolute best with their learning. And every member of staff has gone above and beyond in our school on a daily basis. We are so proud of our community and our school. (Vicky Dupras, Head Teacher)

A teddy bear with and a letter which says "This little Abbot Alphege Bear is sent to you with love from everyone at AAA.  ACADEM  Remember, you are amazing and exceptional and you should be so  proud of how you have dealt with all of the changes this year.  We have missed having all of you here with us and we can't wait to be all together again on Monday 8th March.  In the meantime, look after your bear and keep going - not much  longer now! With love All of the staff at Abbot Alphege Academy."

One of the Teddy Bears given to the pupils of Abbot Alphege Academy with a message from the school.

One of the Teddy Bears given to the pupils of Abbot Alphege Academy.