It’s the ailing strawberry tree on the lefthand side of the drive as you go up.  What a pity as it was one of the biggest around.

Judith’s tree man was round in an hour, and when I met him was already getting stuck in.  Fallen trees can be really dangerous if only some of the roots have been broken as in this case.  As you cut back the branches the tree can spring up again and injure those doing the cutting so it was best left to the expert.

Many thanks to Neil, Nick, Richard, Kristina and John for offering to help.  In the end Daniel, of Treeparts, was better working on his own with such an unpredictable outcome at any point.  There will be some logs for firewood left behind to collect.

There was only 20 minutes between these two shots.  Amazing how quickly someone can work.

Looking closely at the stump, the cause of death was phoney fungus which had reduced some of the roots to pulp.