Thank you so much to all who gave so generously and brought produce to our harvest service on Sunday. It was a joy to see such an offering around the altar. As you can see, my car was quite full  –  especially when the produce offered from both our churches was amalgamated – as I took our offering to Action Pantry. They were delighted with such a wonderful donation.

If you haven’t heard of Action Pantry before, I hadn’t either until a few weeks ago! It is a small charity working in Bath, part of  the bigger charity, Mercy in Action – you may have noticed their shops around Bath. Whilst Mercy in Action works predominantly with children in the Philipines, Action Pantry works with families in need localy. When I arrived with our donation at their depot  there were three newly arrived Syrian refugee families receiving clothing (all secondhand, but beautifully washed, ironed and presented) for their children. They were offered first choice from the food we’d collected too. You could see the delight on their faces!

I learnt a little more about Action Pantry whilst I was there. Each week they receive a donation from Fair Share, the charity that collects surplus supermarket food (often surplus even before its got to the stores). Fair Share then distributes it between various charities working with those in need. Action Pantry often receives meat in that donation, but not so much in the way of vegetables – so they really were delighted with what we gave them. Families referred to Action Pantry pay £3 per week and receive a food  parcel that will go a long way toward feeding them for the week. They’re currently working with over 30 families in the most need.

Thanks again for your generosity.