Linda Renton writes…


Elizabeth Woodward, who died last week in New Zealand, was, together with her husband Keith, a cornerstone of our life at St Marys.

Keith, a gentle giant, became blind in later life.  He had a distinguished career in Dependent territories – particularly in the conversion of the New Hebrides into the independent Vanuatu. When Keith’s first wife died he travelled to New Zealand and married Elizabeth, whom he had known for many years, and brought her back to settle here in Bath.

Elizabeth also had a distinguished career, in nursing, and brought her meticulous eye for detail to the arrangements for communion at St Marys and many other aspects of life here.  In particular, for many years she served as the (only) churchwarden at St Marys.

It shows Elizabeth’s strength of character that when Keith died in 2014 Elizabeth (by now 83) moved her life back to her homeland.  People who knew them remember them both with great affection.