Well we did it and pretty much on schedule after 5.5 hours of walking.

10.5 miles up hill and down dale, from Charlcombe to Swainswick the long way – via Woolley, Tadwick, St Catherine’s Valley, Northend, Batheaston and Little Solsbury Hill.

Special congratulations to Philip on the left for pitching up at Woolley to wish us well, and to Helen and Pat (7th and 8th from the left) for making it round to Batheaston.  And thanks too for Sarah and Amelia, from Weston for joining us.  A special round of applause to St Mary’s Swainswick for warmly welcoming us at their Harvest Beerfest at the end.

Others you may not recognise are my daughter, Lydia, with Lewis, and our Camden friends, Robin and Fran.

We think we’ve raised about £300 plus gift aid to be split between Somerset Churches Trust and St Marys, Charlcombe.