Happy New Year! Hope your Christmas was all you wanted it to be.

Firstly, in case you didn’t hear me say it on Sunday, a very big thank you to all who made our church so warm, welcoming and worshipful over the Christmas celebrations. It was truly wonderful – I will remember the Christmas morning service, especially – ninety people sharing a very special time together. It can’t all happen without many folk giving so much of their time and talent – Sue and Jeremy were amazing, and Sally and the flower team’s arrangements stunning. Nick and Louisa played wonderfully, and so many others read, prayed, decorated, cleaned, welcomed, set up, cleared up, counted, served and generally gave us all such a great celebration.

This Sunday is going to be the first Eucharist of the year, and I’m delighted that there will be a special marking of Epiphany. Richard and Carolyn are organising some music that will be woven through the service.

The picture is from the Ukraine of an Orthodox priest blessing the water that will be shortly used for baptism – something that’s very big in that church at Epiphany. It reminds me of our holy well, though at -9C it’s a little colder.

Anyway, looking forward to seeing you soon.

All peace, philip